She’s Recording Her Sleeping Dog On Camera… When THIS Happens, She Can’t Control Her Laughter!

I have seen a lot of hilarious pet videos on the internet. I am sure you have as well. Even when we are having a very bad day, these funny short clips never fail to crack us up. The video given below is one of them. Wait till you see what happens in this; you are going to be in stitches for sure!

Gretchen Hoey was inside her house when she heard some noise outside. She went out to check on it.
What she saw was something really unexpected albeit very hilarious. Two of her basset hounds were sleeping cozily inside a tiny dog house. But when they noticed her, they came out. And to her surprise, it was not two, but rather five adorable basset hounds! She said that it actually felt like a clown car act!

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