This Compilation of Dogs On The Beach Has Them Digging, Chasing, Rolling, Running And Even Surfing

What’s your favorite summertime activity? For me going to the beach has to top the list. There’s something so amazing about being with your entire family, including the dog, where the land meets the ocean. When I’m at the beach, I feel a deep sense of calm as I disconnect from the world behind me and listen to the roar of the waves.

But today, we want to share with you the funniest beach dog videos in one compilation. Watch the Dalmatian lose his mind at the 32-second mark in the video. I know I can get a little crazy when I’m near the water too.


Now the puppy at the 36-second mark just doesn’t know what to do with himself when he sees his young owner buried up to his neck in the sand. You’ve got to see it in action.

However, can any dog top the lazy Dachshund at the 50-second mark? This dog just lies on its back as its owner buries it in the sand. You are going to love this compilation of some very hounds on the beach in the video below.