Shiba Inu Loves Getting In Boxes, So They Made The Perfect Prank For Him! HILARIOUS!

No matter how sour or non-friendly a person can be, almost nobody can deny that life without dogs would be absolutely different. Since many ages ago, dogs have always been by our sides as our loyal and adorable companions, and they bring us some of the happiest moments that a person could ever hope to experience. We’ve even showed you plenty of evidence of this with the many doggy videos that we have shared here, and the one we brought today is no exception! This shiba inu will melt your heart and win it over the moment you see him!

This breed of Japanese dogs is one of my personal favorites, and even though they’re not as popular here in the western hemisphere, I fully believe that’s going to change thanks to the internet, and because of videos just like this one. They’re very disciplined and proud like shepherd dogs such as the popular German, but they have a cleverness and curiosity that makes them almost cat-like. And needless to say, they can be pranked in hilarious ways like in the video below because of that curious combination! Though the video is in Japanese, I don’t think you will have any problem understanding it.

Watch him for yourself here!

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