Shih Tzu puppies take their first bath ever. Their look afterwards? So adorable!

This is just too adorable to be real! Nothing can make a person’s heart melt quicker than an adorable little puppy. And out of all dog breeds, Shih Tzus are some of the most adorable ones, especially when they still are in their puppy stage. Their tiny furry bodies, short stubby legs, and small and scrubby faces all together in one small package is just cuteness overload.

But you might be wondering, what could possibly make a shih tzu puppy cuter than it already is? Well, when you look at one that has just left the shower after his bath, you might have an idea! You usually see photos of videos of dogs after bath time looking absolutely miserable, since it’s a common thing for dogs to hate bath time more than almost everything.

But these little puppies are the complete opposite of that. It’s the first time these precious Shih Tzu puppies are bathed, and they’re loving it just as much as they love anything else. These five little furballs are as happy as they could ever be, by being al squeaky clean for the very first time. In fact, they are so happy after their bath that they rush to their mommy for their next meal right away.

Watch this overload of adorableness in the video right below, you definitely won’t regret it!