3 Shipping Containers Turn Into An Amazing Home, Take A Peek Inside

With shipping containers being relatively easy and affordable to acquire, “tiny homes” are becoming more and more popular.  It’s always amazing to see some of the options that designers come up with.  Some of the transformations are just incredible.

One family made such an astonishing transformation using three shipping containers.   Richard and Amy are a young couple who wanted their own home but didn’t want the large loan and debt that usually come along with it.  Since they love to travel and take frequent trips back to England to visit Richard’s family, they knew that burdening themselves with a huge loan and upkeep that a large home involves wasn’t smart.

Instead, the young couple decided to build an affordable, small home from three 20-foot shipping containers.  They connected the three containers to create a beautiful, completely unique, solar-powered home.

To connect the containers, Richard and Amy installed two hallways to link the three separate spaces.  They then made use of every inch of the home, using some brilliant space-saving designs to allow for as much storage space and functionality as possible, without limiting their actual living space.  The interior design is very sleek and minimalist, ensuring that clutter isn’t underfoot or making the space look smaller.

Richard and Amy also put a lot of time and thought into making the home as green as possible. The floating roof is equipped with solar panels that provide most of the energy needed to run this small home.  A rainwater collection system is in place to collect rainwater running off the roof where it is stored in two large tanks.

The outdoor spaces weren’t overlooked in the design of the home.  A deck equipped with a picnic table is attached to one of the spaces, and several raised garden beds are available for growing their own food.

The couple are excitedly awaiting the addition of a third family member.  Amy is expecting a baby.  They’ve even thought of this aspect of their home – expansion.  They created the home in such a way that adding space later would be very easy.  The video tour shows many more impressive details of this creative living space and how they transformed these cold metal boxes into a gorgeous, inviting home.

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3 Shipping Containers Turn Into An Amazing Home, Take A Peek Inside