This Shocked Family Saw A HUGE Moose Outside Their Window. But Keep An Eye On His Antlers! WHAT!

We love animals. There are so many things that we have yet to learn about animals, which is part of the reason, we believe, that we are so drawn to them. We are constantly looking up as much information as possible about animals and devour as many facts as we can find about them.

Animals are fascinating to learn about. That is why we keep looking for more and more things to learn about them. Which is one of the reasons why we are constantly online looking for more and more animal videos. It was in that search that we were able to find this amazing video that is featured below.

In this video you will see a male moose. This moose does something that most people don’t realize happens every year with moose. It loses one of its antlers! Yes, it’s antlers!

Most people are unaware that moose lose their antlers very year and grow new ones. Few people know about it and there is very little video proving it and yet here we are able to see it up close and personal when this featured moose shakes its head. While the family that was filming it was clearly stunned the moose doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the loss. Also, it doesn’t cause any pain to the moose when they lose their antlers.

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