The Shocking Moment A Circus Lion Is Fed Up With A Tamer And Does The Unthinkable!

Taming lions has to be one of the most dangerous activities a person can do in their lives. Not only are you facing down one of the strongest and most deadly land animals on Earth, humans can only assert their dominance through bluff.

But when the moment the lion attacked the tamer at the circus was caught on tape, what happened next left me speechless.

During a circus performance, the lions are showing their tricks for a fairly empty audience. Only about half of the seats are filled and if people knew the show they were about to be in for, the house would probably have been sold out.

At the 3-minute mark in the video, you’ll see the lion leap into the air and pounce on the tamer. The large male lion tackles the man to the ground and proceeds to bite and claw at him.

The other tamers rush over and start poking the lion with a stick and then spray him with water. You can hear the beast growl.

But the lion still refuses to be tamed.

At the 4-minute mark, the same lion charges another tamer with even more rage and fury than the first time. Then just seconds later, another lion joins the attack.

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