The Shocking Moment This Pitbull Runs Up To A Horse And The UNTHINKABLE Happens…

If there’s one thing that adorable animal friendships teach us, it’s that even the unlikeliest of animals (and people) can become friends in the right circumstances. Herbie and Jabby are the perfect example of this, becoming inseparable despite some pretty significant differences.

For starters, there’s the size difference. Jabby is a Standardbred horse, towering over Herbie the pit bull puppy. But that doesn’t stop Herbie from hanging out by Jabby’s stall every chance he can, just waiting for his best friend to reach his head down so they can “horse” around!

Herbie the pit bull doesn’t just like hanging out with Jabby – it’s full on puppy love. When the horse gently dips his head down, Herbie nuzzles his new friend – until Jabby pulls away and Herbie starts jumping up and down.

These two give each other cute little kisses, Herbie pawing gently at Jabby’s face and pulling at his rope, begging for attention. It doesn’t get more adorable than this!

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