Shocking News For Mother-To-Be! You’ll Never Guess What Doctors Have To Tell Her..Unbelievable!

Learning that there will be a new addition to the family sends parents-to-be jumping for joy. For this couple, this was great news. But just as the couple went for their doctor’s checkup on her eleventh week of pregnancy to see their unborn baby for the very first time, they discovered that she was going to have two babies!

Now, you would be thinking, yeah, she’s going to have twins – what’s so earth shattering about that? Well, the thing that sets her apart from most other mothers-to-be is the fact that she was born with a rare condition, one that caused her to have two uteruses. This means that the babies that were growing in her were growing in separate uteruses!

She got to know, just at the age of 19, that she was born with a rare condition known as uterine didelphys. After joking with her OBGYN about an episode of Grey’s Anatomy where a woman having the same rare condition as her giving birth to two babies born in two uteruses, she came to know that the exact same thing was going to happen to her! It’s a case of fiction becoming reality!

In just half an hour their whole world was turned upside down. Fortunately, all signs of the babies’ condition were all positive. Now, instead of preparing their home and lives for the arrival of one, they had to prepare for two! The babies were born fourteen weeks prematurely and had to be in neonatal intensive care for a while until they gained more weight from their initial one and a half pound weight.

Now Carter and Griffin are doing well and have the distinction of their story being featured in many news channels as their birth was so unusual as there had been only 73 such recorded cases in the WHOLE WORLD.

Wow! This is such an amazing story! I guess you learn something new every day! Do you know of anyone who has this rare condition? What did you think of this story? Write in and let us know in the comments section below! We love hearing from you!

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