This is why you shouldn’t pick up a coin you see left on a headstone!

How do you remember the servicemen and women who have given their life for their country? One of the most common ways is just visiting the cemetery. Being the brother of a serviceman myself, I learned the importance of what they had done to make this country safer. I would often see many families there visiting a loved one, sometimes there were tears others there was silence.

After all, visitors have gone, one of the things left to do is to clean the tombstones. One day, a cemetery worker was in the process of cleaning up various gravestones. One of the gravestones caught his eye because he saw a coin resting on top of it. At the time he did not think much of it. Maybe someone had open her purse looking for something and had left it there.

He continued cleaning until he found the second quarter on top of another headstone. This headstone was about 20 yards from the first one, so there must be some reason for this. Maybe there was a pattern he could discover that would give him the reason those coins had been left there. He started looking for more coins in the remaining headstones.

He found quite a large number of coins, but it wasn’t until after he asked his boss about it that he found out the reason. You see, each coin has its own special meaning. Every denomination left there tells a different story as well. He found out that when someone leaves a penny this means that the person stopped by to pay the deceased person a visit. If the person leaves a nickel, it means that the visitor trained with them in Army boot camp.

When a person leaves a dime, it means that the visitor served with the deceased person during a war. Finally, if the visitor leaves a quarter it means that the visitor was there with the deceased soldier at the time he or she was killed. When I read this, I figured that there must be a lot of coin collecting around these graves. Naturally, I wondered what you also might be thinking: where do all these coins end up?

Well, the coins left there by visitors are collected by the cemetery personnel. Once collected, they are used to provide the necessary maintenance to the person’s headstone. Other times they are gathered and donated to a local Veterans institution, so they can help other soldiers and their families.

I am sure you also think this is a wonderful tradition. So now you know. If you would like more information on this, just click on the video and get ready to pay homage to all those who choose to remember their loved ones in this heart-warming way!