Show-stopping performance by pigtailed eight-year-old. Every time I watch this, I get goosebumps.

I’m always impressed when people get up on stage for these singing competitions. Not only have they dedicated themselves to honing their craft, they are risking rejection and embarrassment on national television should they fail. Yeah, no pressure or anything. Now add a kid to the mix and the potential for either life-altering success or soul-crushing defeat rises exponentially. When this kid, Larissa, got ready to appear on the German version of “The Voice” for its kid’s episode, I was holding my breath.

It turns out I need not have bothered. Larissa gets up there with only a table in front of her. On the table is a cup. The three judges/possible mentors are all facing away in their chairs. It’s quite an intimidating set-up, especially if they don’t hit the button to turn around. Then the amount of time on there can feel like an eternity. She begins doing the song, “Cups” while tapping out a rhythm on the table. The judges seem instantly smitten.

One of them immediately turns his chair around, sending Larissa’s parents and other family members into paroxysms of joy backstage. Unflustered, she continues the song. A few seconds later, the other two remaining judges turn their chairs around too. This means that all three of them want to mentor her on their team. She will get her choice of who she wants to work with. Her family now looks so happy that there’s a strong chance they will pass out right there backstage.

The best videos are these success stories. The build-up… the skepticism of the judges, the slow awakening of the audience that they are listening to something REALLY good, and the nodding approval of the judges. It all adds up to great television. Then again, seeing something like William Hung singing “She Bang” during the “American Idol” auditions can make people appreciate how talented even the “Mediocre” people on the show are. Hopefully Larissa advanced far during her time on the show.

I listened to this three times. Wasn’t it amazing? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!