They Showed A Lion Cub How To Roar, But He Did Something Lovely Instead

They’re one of the most emblematic and widely adored animal species to ever meet humanity, and it’s easy to see why. Lions have amazed humans since our earliest ages, and they have been recognized as one of the greatest predators of the planet ever since. They are very respected and feared by every creature that shares a habitat with them, and there is a very good reason for this. They are fierce predators with a  very commanding presence, and most animals think twice before preying on a lion.

Called “the King of the African Savannah”, lions are the head of one of the most diverse and densely populated ecosystems in the world, and to accomplish something like that, they must certainly have to be tough and intimidating. But as you might imagine, lions are not always like this, at least not all the time. Even lions have a softer, cuddlier side to them, even though we don’t see it very often. The video below shows a face that lions very rarely show, but it’s heart-meltingly adorable.

When lions are still cubs, they are not exempt from being adorable kitties just like all of their other feline cousins. They act just like kittens, only they are many times bigger, and also way more ferocious. Unless they are cubs, and then they are just downright cute. They haven’t learned how to be ferocious yet.

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