He Shows His Little Puppy How To Use The Stairs, But She Has Other Plans! LOL

Amongst the various activities that you can carry out with your dog friends living at home, teaching them to do a new trick is one of the most rewarding ones that I’ve found. It’s just too fun to help a pup find the courage and discipline to do something that they never imagined before, and seeing how they little by little get the hang of it until it’s no problem for them is always incredible!

The following video shows us a cute little puppy being taught to use the stairs for the first time, by her cheerful owners. It was only her first try, after all, but I bet not even her expected what was going to happen at the end! I know that everyone learns differently, but she takes that to a whole new level!

She’s still very young when this video is recorded, so it’s easy to see why it seems scary for her. She walks up to the edge of the stairs and tries to reach down to check just how far the other step is. As she realizes that the jump is too scary for her, she decides to take a different route, and takes a leap for the bushes that are on the side of the staircase!

Watch this hilarious video right below, you won’t regret it!

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