Shy tortoise eats in peace after the naughty guinea pig leaves

Tortoise and guinea pig

Everyone must have seen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in action in animated or live-action forms. However, there is nothing better than to see a relaxed tortoise and a guinea pig eating fruits.

Recently a tortoise and his friend guinea pig gained a lot of followers online while munching food. The cute-looking pet tortoise and the guinea pig were seen together munching blueberries and enjoying their leisure time.

The fruit seems to be very fresh as the cute little guinea pig starts to eat the fruit and makes pretty satisfying sounds that can make pretty much everyone hungry. These sounds can also be termed ASMR sounds.


Many people might think what is so monumental about a reptile eating or chewing fruits. But, for people who have still not heard about ASMR – it is called the autonomous sensory meridian response. This phenomenon creates a stimulus or sound that can produce euphoric sensations in the listener’s mind.

While the guinea pig and tortoise chew the fruits, they make these munching sounds which, when heard by many, can create a tingling effect or sensations that can go from your scalp to the back of the neck.

It is a treat to hear these adorable animals munch on the blueberry and enjoy the snacks that are fit for royalty. But unfortunately, the tortoise is shy and wants the guinea pig to enjoy the delicious fruit and waits till the end.

After the guinea pig is done eating, the tortoise comes closer to where the blueberry is scattered and enjoys the juicy and delicious fruit. Then, slowly but steadily, the shy tortoise eats the blueberry and finishes almost all of them.

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