Siberian Husky Gets A Bath For First Time, Doesn’t Go Quite As Planned

Huskies are adorable, no question about it. But baby huskies? That’s where we start getting some of the more adorable reactions. They tend to have an immense amount of energy, still trying to find the balance of where to put all their amazing energy levels. If you were to measure the puppy’s energy, I’d say it’d easily be over 9000. Over 9000? Yes, and if you don’t believe me? Why not look up any moments around with pups.

One Siberian Husky certainly has his work cut out for him. The tiny precious little guy has gotten a bit dirty and now it’s time for one of the most fear or loved events of dog’s lives- the bath. Some love it, some go out of their way to enjoy the showers or baths, somewhat drawn to the cleanliness, the warmth of the water that surrounds them. The relaxing warmth of the shower hopefully calms the nerves or at least makes them enjoy it a bit more.

Others we have seen time and time again run away. They constantly avoid and avidly reject baths. Almost as if the water or the sound that a bath or shower makes startles them to the point that something very primal awakens. They do the only thing that comes natural- they run, they escape, and most of the time it isn’t at a great point in the shower or bath. It’s usually at random- the fear takes hold and they escape.

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