Siberian Husky Is Terrified Of What His Owner Shows Him

We have covered instances of videos were cats and dogs have very funny reactions to ordinary objects. Who can forget the famous video with the and the cucumber. A cat is sitting facing one of the walls when the cat’s owner carefully places a cucumber behind him. The cat feels something and turns his head to see what it is. To the Surprise is just a cucumber but he is so startled that he leaps in the air.

After this initial video, many people started to replicate this one. Then, people started using all sorts of vegetables. Apparently, the cats reacted to objects with very deep colors. For some reason, all of them appear to scare the cats but nothing like the first one with the cat and the cucumber.

Docs also have very funny reactions to everyday objects. The next video, it’s about a Siberian Husky and the way she reacts to a very simple object. You can see the Siberian Husky is standing in the hallway when his owner goes up to him to say hello. As she is talking to him, she takes out a hairpin to fix her hair. Her dog’s reaction is priceless!

The Husky steps back a little bit and makes a very funny expression. The Husky looks terrified. The dog also cries out of it. The owner starts to laugh not really knowing what is going on with her dog. After all, it’s only a hairpin. It’s not like it’s alive. On the other hand, she is moving the chirping as if it was some sort of clamp or clock. This scares the dog a lot more. The dog goes further back to see if the danger has gone away.

To try to make the Husky feel comfortable, the owner places the hairpin on the carpet. Shortly this will make the dog realize there’s nothing to fear. The dog starts to Smith the hairpin and stare at it. The pooch doesn’t really know what is going on. He really hopes it’s nothing dangerous. It looks like he’s getting more comfortable with the hairpin when suddenly the owner picks it up again.

The dog gets in retreat mode once more. The owner cannot help but chuckle at the docks reactions. The Husky it really seems to be intimidated by the hairpin. He looks as if the hairpin was casting some sort of spell on the dog. The dog even looks hypnotized by it. Click in the video to watch the hilarious reaction from the poor Husky. I’ve hope he doesn’t need therapy after this!