Siblings Blend Angelic Voices In Perfect Harmony For A Christmas Classic That Goes Viral

Siblings Sing Christmas Classic

The talented siblings from the Wissman family deliver an inspirational rendition of the Christmas classic, “Good Christian Men Rejoice”, and it goes viral.

This incredible family of musicians blends their angelic voices in perfect harmony against the backdrop of a crisp and snowy, winter setting. Siblings Sing Christmas Classic

The five siblings sing the powerful lyrics for us, sharing the message of God’s love and it is having a heart-warming impact on their viewers, leaving their devoted fans awe-struck and wanting more.

Delivering God’s message of everlasting love is something of a mission for this devoutly Christian family. Their giving extends to a family ministry service in federal prisons which was started by their father. They travel all over the country to visit prisons to share His love and bring His word to people who need it the most.

We are treated to a sensational performance of a song that embodies the true meaning of Christmas – not the gifts and the feasting, but what matters most, the celebration of the birth of Christ.

Brighten up your holiday season with this superb version of a beloved Christmas classic, view the Wissman family video, and rejoice with them as they share their message of hope and love.