So Sick She Can’t even stand. So Painful To Watch. Even Cries In Pain When Picked Up

We have seen several cases of stray dogs which have been rescued. Some of them have been in very bad condition. Once a rescue agency is contacted, they put forward all the resources to help the stray dog make a comeback. Sadly, there have been some reports where they have not been able to do much. By the time the rescuers arrive it’s too late.

When these reports come, it’s usually because one of the residents calls them. One of the most compassionate rescuing organizations is called Animal Aid Unlimited. They are based in India. They have responded to, and helped hundreds of dogs. Like many other nonprofits, they rely heavily on donations by people like you and me. Sometimes even donating five dollars goes a long way for them. The following story is one of the most dramatic that we have ever shown.

The following dog was rescued from a rural part in India. Animal aid got a call from someone stating that there was a stray dog that looked dead. The caller gave them the address and they went to check it out. When they arrived, they saw what looked like a deceased animal.

The stray has no hair and is completely covered in sores. When they get closer, they realize the animal is alive. They are surprised that despite the animal’s condition, she hasn’t passed away. What they can see dying is her spirit. They are heartbroken when they realize that she seems to have lost her will to live. It is probably too late to do anything about this, but they are certainly going to give it a try.

They find a blanket and gently pick her up. Her sores are in such bad shape, that she cries when being touched. When they get her to their facilities, they start applying lotion to ease the pain. In the meantime, they go to get her something to eat.

You can see the lotion starting to work because she starts to want to eat. After this, it is time for her bath. By this time her spirit starts to look strengthened. She also starts to eat once more. This is probably her first full meal in several days. After the bath, they put on some medication and give her an IV. Now, it is just a matter of time. Watch the video to see her incredible transformation, you won’t believe your eyes!