Sick Dog Was Cared For By Cat. When You See Them Together, You’ll Be MOVED!

Most people believe dogs and cats are destined to be mortal enemies, but this belief is nothing more than an old superstition. As you will be able to see in the video that we featured below, cats and dogs can actually get along just fine. They might need some time to adapt and get used to each other, but they are capable of becoming the best of friends. Just look at the couple featured in the clip! On it, we can see Zeke, a doggy who had an allergic reaction, and it was necessary to take him to the vet. After he comes back, his friend is there to welcome him!

Zeke had to receive several shots to get cured, and when he got home, he was feeling very ill and weak. This adorable cat friend, called Winston, felt that the dog needed him, and he started cuddling with him and taking care of him. Winston tried to comfort the dog by laying down beside him, and he started licking his head to try and make him feel better, since this is what they do to kittens.

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