When This Sick Pig Got Rescued She Was So Close To Death, But Watch What Saved Her

Emma the pig arrived at the farm as a very sick, skinny pig but what was astonishing was that she was pregnant. She clearly had not been cared for properly by her previous owner, and it is a good thing that she was removed from that situation. The owners of the farm were told they would be lucky if she could deliver six piglets. Astonishingly, she delivered seventeen piglets. Among the seventeen piglets, thirteen survived.

But after the delivery of all those piglets Emma started getting really sick. The birthing process was hard on her already malnourished body and it really took a toll on her health. She had a very high fever and she wasn’t eating. If she had continued to resist food the same way, she would have died. She needed a reason to live, and that reason was her piglets. She soon started to eat and recover so that she could take care of her piglets.

Soon she started eating and thus she was able to mobilize her body. Gradually she could take her piglets on walks and teach them the basics. All this was nothing less than a miracle and it is very rewarding to see Emma recover and take care of her family.

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