Sick Teacher Gets A Surprise From Students. But I NEVER Thought She’d React Like THIS! Aww!

Every teacher has a potential to influence for better or worse a significant portion of a student’s life. With the right student, a teacher can also have a life changing effect. This video latches on to this potential. It’s titled “A Caring Chorus” and it was part of Kleenex’s Someone Needs One advertising campaign.

It’s about Ms. Watson, a choir teacher at an inner city high school in Chicago. She has inspired generations of students and now in her old age she had a health issue that consigned her to limping along with a walking cane. She got better and then she was ostensibly summoned back to the school for an interview. We can sense a giant surprise coming.

Hmm… You don’t have to be a genius to correctly guess how Kleenex planned to make someone need a Kleenex? We know what’s coming, but is it going to make us break down and cry a river, or is it going to make us go “meh!”, or is it going to totally fake us out?

You simply must watch this video and judge for yourself. So many students cannot be wrong about Ms. Watson. Thanks to her care and support many of them have gone on to make it in the music industry in some capacity or other. You will not believe how much this show of gratitude meant to the old teacher.