The Sight of this Lioness Reuniting with Her Pride After Being Lost for Three Days is Amazing.

Nature’s brutal. There’s no way around it. Only the fittest animals survive out in the jungle. Getting lame, sick or lost pretty much punches their early departure from living on this planet. There’s no pity – the food chain must be adhered to and one animal’s death helps another stay alive. Some fellow named Charles Darwin wrote all about it. There are some exceptions, though, and this video is a prime example.

It all starts with the lioness losing track of her pride. Given that these animals have senses of smell and hearing that are far more superior than anything we puny humans can muster, this is a very hard feat to pull off. It happened, though, and she was left to wander around the African desert plains for several days, forced to fend for herself. She was constantly emitting a certain cry, almost like a lion SOS signal to see if any of her family would hear and respond. Although some people wonder if these giant animals are able to feel as complex emotions as we do, she must have been feeling something akin to fear.

She finally found her pride again… and there were a few tense moments at first. Would they welcome her back with open paws or would she be considered a liability for her having lost them? They were almost giddy with glee as she was ushered back into the group. They almost seemed to be doing their version of a high-five. After a few more moments, they wandered off together.

This could have turned out either way and I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised with the results. Though I don’t think a video of a lioness being torn to pieces by her pride would have gone anywhere near as viral as this one did. The lesson in all of this? Family always welcomes back family. They must stick together.

Viewing this left a lump in my throat when thinking about my own family and what would happen if we were separated. Watch the video and tell us how it made you feel. We want to hear from you!

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