Sign Language Choir Surprises All With Golden Buzzer Winning Show

Sign Along With Us is a very special choir and a performing group that proves that anything is indeed possible. Headed up by big sister Jade and Christian who suffers from cerebral palsy, the choir is comprised entirely of members who speak in sign.

Christian and Jade are ambassadors for the charity Peeps HIE. Their choir, Sing Along With Us, is made up of both disabled and non-disabled people. After a show-stopping performance of ‘This Is Me,’ the BGT judges couldn’t help but give them the Golden Buzzer.

Hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy is characterized by a lack of oxygen to the brain before, during, or after labor. A HIE event left Christian stillborn requiring resuscitation, leading to a brain injury that rendered him with quad cerebral palsy and impaired vision.

Eighteen-year-old Jade Kilduff established Sign Along With Us to help those who live with disabilities, live better lives. Everything about their performance is phenomenal, but to know that the choir is made up of people who can’t speak is even more amazing.