“Silent Monks” group go onstage and leave everyone speechless when they sing “Hallelujah”

The creativity, the talent and the desire to work that many students have and show today is simply incredible. When they have to prepare themselves to make a presentation, they seek to do things that are full of creativity, that are different, and that manage to catch the looks and the interest of the public in general. And they really know how to achieve all this.

This incredible group of high school students teens gave a big surprise to the audience during that night. They never thought as a group of monks who had taken a vow of silence could participate in the Christmas program. How could they sing if they could not speak? But these witty young men had everything under control. They were in charge of making and creating posters specially designed with the occasion, the piece of music and the times to perfection. This choir sang the song “Hallelujah” without saying a single word! And they all loved it.

There is a passage in the bible that is attributed to King David, which reads as follows: “Benedict and his monks would know by chanting the Psalter every week the following verse:” I was silent and silent; My anguish worsened, my heart warmed within me, while I reflected, the fire burned, then I spoke with my tongue. “(Psalm 39: 3) The kind of silence that is realized in Christianity is to have a moment of reflection and has become a tradition in different religious creeds.

The students at the school were very smart and intelligent, and they took this sacred tradition in a very creative way by singing the choir of the Hallelujah and making all those gathered in the place died laughing. Without saying a word or singing this song, the group of “monks” had an amazing participation and put a smile on more than one person. It was really fun and everyone was happy with the presentation.  Watch this nice video and share! Leave your opinion in the comments section. We want to hear from you!