Silky’s Surgery Leaves Her 20lbs Lighter! What This Doctor Has to Say About the Transformation.

Operations can be life-changing and scary, but ultimately are necessary. With medical technology advancing, people are living longer, as well as animals. Things that used to kill us are now just a quick 30-minute trip of healing at the hospital. Poison used to be used be all sorts to make sure the foe wouldn’t get back up- nowadays the same methods can be used but most hospitals are so well stocked it’s just a prick that saves you from the eternal nothingness.

Silky is quite the brave pooch! When we meet, her she is a white-haired poodle with dark brown stains on the lower half of her fur. She can’t see past her bangs, and it seems to hurt whenever poor Silky moves. Her breed has that very problem. Matted hair for fluffy sad silky gives her a lot of pain. It hurts to walk, hurts to run, and it’s hard to see. Moreover, the matted hair and foxtails can lead to infection. Without the matter hair and fox tails, Silky would be just fine. She would be the same happy dog she was when we first met her, just without the pain and struggle of moving with her big fluffy mess of hair.

As Silky gets prepared for surgery, she gets an anesthetic. The anesthetic is so she doesn’t feel the surgery, but also to relax and make the dog more comfortable for shaving off the atrociously kept fur, not that it’s Silkys fault. The owner should’ve really been more on top of it. Yet when Silky was brought into the animal rescue after being found, it was clear that the poor animal hadn’t had much attention paid to her or her grooming habits for some time.

After Silky awakens she seems happier. I’m sure she feels happier, lighter, more agile. With all the pain dissipating, Silky has the whole world in her paw again! Not only did the surgery help her with mobility, but it also proved that an adorable dog was underneath that mess of a coat.

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