This Silly Elephant Has A Prank Ready For His Zookeeper! OMG!

Elephant are one of the smartest animals on earth, however this doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy a frolicking the mud. Scientifically proven to have one of the best memories in the animal kingdom, the reason for their mud baths is that it is an efficient way to relax and cool their skin. Sometimes, however, even the mud and dust needs to get cleaned off.

The zookeepers at the Forth Worth Zoo are quite experienced in elephant grooming!In the video featured below this zookeeper gets close to the elephants in order to start washing them, as is routinely, he brings along a big broom. As he scrubs away on one elephant’s back, the gigantic creature decides it’s time for a different part of the body to get clean! What he does next will simply amaze you!

This video is a great example of the range of emotions Elephants can display, from hate, to love, and even mischief! Also it is very uplifiting to see the great human-elephant interaction between these big guys and the zookeepers, they are definitely great pals, no matter the difference in sizes!

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