Simon Cowell Blown Away By 12 Year-Old Girl Singing Original Song… Absolutely Incredible

For years, Simon Cowell has been known as the voice of brutal and vicious feedback for everyone who aspires for a career in singing. When singers stand before him and present their best act, they fully acknowledge that their will be no words of comfort or compassion, but they often walk away with tears of regret, thinking far less of themselves than when they first walked in.

So imagine what it must have been like when Grace Vanderwaal, a 12 year old girl stepped on stage for America’s Got Talent and would be judged by three judges, including Simon Cowell himself. If she was anything less than perfect for these judges, then just one fowl review from Simon Cowell could kill all of her hopes and dreams of becoming the singer she believes she can be.

Thankfully, Grace has a lot more talent than these judges expected. She quickly caught the judges off guard when she told them she would be playing an original song that she wrote. When asked if her friends were here to support her, she responded by saying “my friends don’t really know that I sing,” and when asked if she thought she could win, she told them that we can always hope for a miracle.

What follows is absolutely incredible. Watch the performance that made Simon Cowell pronounce her “the next Taylor Swift”. Let us know what you think, and if you were as blown away by this as we were, be sure to show this to family and friends.

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