Simon Didn’t Take This Violinist Seriously, Until She Started Playing Like THIS Onstage! Wow!

Lettice Rose Rowbotham is a name that is bound to be mercilessly teased at school, but little did we know that it’s also indicative of violin talent. Lettice Rose, a 24-year-old from Surrey to the southwest of London, is still the most hungover participant of Britain’s Got Talent ever!

Were her exploits at the 2014 BGT legendary for its drunkenness? How else could a person play violin like that? Some of the most imaginative novelists in history wrote their best work impaired. The quality of Beethoven’s compositions only reached the stratosphere after he was impaired in one of his senses.

We could tell from the backstage interview of Lettice Rose’s BGT appearance that we’re in for a ride! She marveled at Simon’s trap and complained about the number of pies in which his fingers had been. She didn’t consider the classic violin, the one made by Stradivari and Guarneri, as the real violin. She was listening to the track on the way over.

The track certainly prepared her well. She blew everyone away with electric violin versions of Imagine Dragons’ “Demons” and One Republic’s “Counting Stars”. Lettice Rose would go on to reach the show’s finals. She has since played at Vladimir Putin’s daughter’s wedding.

For the record, Lettice Rose only claimed to be hungover, she was definitely not drunk – the participants had to pass a sobriety test. As the President of the motherland of Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky, Putin would not allow popular music at his daughter’s wedding and Lettice Rose’s interpretation was the most acceptable alternative.