Simon & Maria Dance Their Way Into Our Hearts With This Fierce Salsa On ‘AGT’

Simon and Maria are two fierce little Columbian salsa dancers. This was their second routine on ‘AGT.’ They brought all the sass and fun that is part of salsa dancing and had all the judges smiling!

The judges all agreed that this performance was even better than their last one! They amped up the facials, threw in a few more tricks (thanks, Maria!), and kept the party hopping! Howie even remarked, “Look at his face!” Simon made some adorable facial expressions while dancing, for sure!

The judges all had outstanding things to say. Sofia gushed over their outfits, which Simon proudly tells her they were also made in Columbia, like their original outfits. Howie says how they kept him smiling.

Howie also includes how the only problem is that there are just too few spots in the finals, and they “have to look at everything.” Simon, the judge, remarks on how he can see how determined they are, and that means something to him. These kids will go far, no question about that!