Simon is skeptical of the song choice for this 15-year-old contestant. But when she sings…OMG!

If you are a fan of the “Got Talent” series, you’ve probably seen some very memorable performances. There are great singers and then there are absolute stars. It always happens at least once in every season, that an extremely talent person comes along, and they come when you least expect them. You are listening to one after another of the competitors auditioning when out of the blue, comes this guy or girl that manages to move the audience and blow everyone away.

One of the contestants that impressed me the most was a young man from Australia. It was the 2011 season of Australia’s Got Talent, and people got to see one judge that was very familiar to them. It was Brian from the very successful pop group ‘Westlife’. He was ready to start, and the contestants started to audition one by one. The judges were very confident that they were going to find their star there.

And so, they did. There was a young man by the name of Jack Vidgen. He was 14 at the time and with a very touching story. He had always enjoyed singing and his father had been one of his biggest fans along with his mother. Suddenly, his father became ill and was bedridden for a good amount of time. So, when it was time for Jack to audition, his father was not there by his side.

His mother was there to accompany him that evening when the time for him to meet the judges came. The judges were very moved that he was interested in singing at such an early age. Then, the judges asked him what kind of song he was interested in singing for them and Jack said that it was “I have nothing” by Whitney Houston.

When the judges heard that, they were a little surprised and curious at the same time. The time for Jack to sing had come and the music started playing. He started the song confidently and you could hear that Jack had a very nice voice. But, the biggest challenge for his talent would come at the time of the chorus. And so, it did, and not only did Jack deliver, but he did in a glorious way.

After that audition, I didn’t think I would hear another competitor that would amaze me and move at the same time. That is until I heard the following contestant. Not only had she picked one of the most difficult songs to sing of all time, but she had picked it for her very first audition. There would be no turning back past this point and the judges were amazed that a 15-year-old would pick it. Now, wait until you hear why she picked it!