Simon Stops Her In The Middle Of Audition, What She Does Then Has Audience On Their Feet

It had not been a merciful day in the reality singing show “America’s Got Talent.” There were some very good people making it to the next round, but on the other hand there were others that, while the audience felt they were good enough, the judges saw it otherwise and had to cut them from advancing, for some reason there would always be something that quite was not doing it for them.

There was the case of a young man that was visibly nervous as he was waiting for his turn. He was listening very attentively to the feedback given to another participant while he was being disqualified, it got him very nervous because he actually thought the participant was not that bad. Then, in a blink of an eye, it was his turn.

He chose a song that he would himself be playing the piano and singing at the same time. The melody I guess sounds fine to most of us who are not really experts in the fields, but there was something about that piano that just was not making it for Simon Cowell, so as soon as the young man was starting to get more confident, he sounded the buzzer, shattering with it, the young man’s dreams. He tells him that someone else should have played the piano.

Next, it was a young woman who chose to perform a song and play the guitar. She starts to sing and many also thought she was doing very good, but in this case Simon stops her and tells her that there were times that he thought the singer was very good, but that there were others when he felt her singing was not that special at all and it would be a “no”. One of the judges said that it was a shame because she was talented, but apparently not talented enough according to another judge.

Now, it was the turn for Ronee Martin, a 62-year-old woman who has been singing for 56 years! That’s even much older that the age of the average contestant on the show, almost double that is. She takes the stage and introduces herself, Simon asks her if she is married, she says no; he asks her if she has any kids and she say no, but she has a lot of nieces, nephews, and godchildren. Simon wishes everything to go ok for her and she starts.

Almost as soon as she was done with the first verse, Simon stops her and tells her that the song she chose is not adequate for her. He asks her what other songs she’s got. Ronee says, “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin. Simon agrees and they cue the music to start.

The music starts and when she starts singing it was like she had another voice hidden there, like her voice all of the sudden went from great to magnificent. Everyone is in awe.