THIS Simple Trick Can Save Your Baby From CHOKING. Everyone Should Watch THIS Video!

Thousands of babies end up in the E.R. due to choking every year. Choking should never be taken lightly. Babies can choke on food, toys and other stuff. We should always be careful in these matters as a single negligence can result in a devastating consequence. As a parent or caregiver, everyone should know how to help a child when they are choking.

We always tend to take good care of our babies but despite our care sometimes babies end up choking. Many parents, however, don’t know how to react when a baby chokes. But thanks to St. John’s Ambulance which has created this wonderful video teaching how to react and what to do when a baby chokes.

Toys are actually giving the instructions in this video, and they are small toys that babies can choke on accidentally. They make it a point of saying that they are just objects, but also choking hazards. A small doll picks up a toy baby and lays it face down on her lap. They explain that the adult should give five strong back blows to the baby to dislodge the object.

If that doesn’t work, then flip the baby over and watch the video to find out what to do next. A choking baby can be a frightening thing, but if you know what to do, the results can be a lot less frightening.

This video will inform all the parents how to react when a baby chokes. Watch this video and tell us what you think about it.

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