Josh Turner invites his grandma on to the stage at the Grand Ole Opry and what she plays brings the crowd to their feet

The Grand Ole Opry is a highly regarded stage concert for country music in Nashville, Tennessee. Its main slogan is “The Show that Made Country Music Famous,” and it’s no exaggeration. Almost every who’s who of country music has set foot on that grand stage in Nashville the Music City.

One week in February of 2016, it was contemporary country singer Josh Turner’s turn to grace the Grand Ole Opry stage. There was one highlight from that night that is still being talked about and fondly remembered today.

“My wife’s ninety-eight-year-old grandmother – her name is Lois Cunningham – and she’s going to come out and play on the Grand Ole Opry stage for the very first time,” Josh Turner announced to the crowd…

Lois was a music teacher at Sallas-Mahone elementary school for 1st – 6th graces from 1969 to 1975.

Up stepped a spry 98-year-old woman with quite an aura. She sat on the piano bench, raised her hand, and there was magic in the night. Lois played a special version of the song “How Great Thou Art” that was classically arranged for piano…

The lighter action of the Yamaha baby grand and the underlying Swedish melody of the song suited Lois perfectly. It was a virtuosic arrangement and performance that could have reminded some of Mozart himself!

Watch this video and experience it yourself. You will agree that it’s well worth your time. She is amazing! Give it a like and a share when you’re done watching. Share this lady’s talent far and wide!