Singing Crew Inspires Audience With Moving Performance on America’s Got Talent

There’s no denying that throughout history, the world has seen some dark times. With the current events going at the moment, it seems like now more than ever before, we need something to give us hope.

Television talent shows like America’s Got Talent often finds incredible musicians during the audition process. When Jessica, Joseph, and Mariah took over the stage, no one had any idea what was about to happen.

The three old friends are in a singing group called Resound. Singing an original song called “What the World Needs Now,” the terrific trio told the judges that they hope to inspire, bring love, and shine a light during dark times.

As soon as they start singing, the audience begins to cheer and give applause. Judge Simon Cowell mentions how much he loved the arrangement of the song. We’re grateful for gifted individuals like Joseph, Mariah, and Jessica, who use their undeniable talent to bring others hope.