Singing the most difficult song in the world, girl shocks judges with amazing voice

The “Got Talent” world gives us access to rare performances we wouldn’t otherwise see. The competition is stiff and the acts leave us on the edge of our seats every Tuesday night.

Each song performed has had varying degrees of difficulty and necessary skill needed to get the number of votes needed to move on to the next round…

Some even get the luck and show the amazing talents only found in those of elite skill. Some get the Golden Buzzer which propels them to the semi-final round. It saves them a spot so they don’t have to worry about other performances knocking them out or such.

“Defying Gravity,” has been attempted a few times on many different talent shows. No performance is quite like this one. Many have claimed the song to be one of the most difficult songs to sing. The arduous song from the Broadway hit musical Wicked has captured man’s hearts as well as attention.

Idina Menzel was the first to conquer this challenging song. Twelve-year-old Dermott was aiming to be the second. Her rendition of the song was felt by many, leaving some in tears. Her mom patiently waiting in the sidelines of the stage, covering her mouth in hope and wonder for the talented girl. Out of the many impressed by this young girl, Amanda Holden seemed to be the most affected by this young singer.

Her performance was amazing, especially considering her young age and humble demeanor.