Singing The ‘Friends’ Theme In Minor Key Transforms It Into An Intense Ballad

Youtube creator Chase Holfelder mourns the loss of “Friends” leaving Netflix in the best way possible. He rewrote the show’s theme song to match his sad feelings.

When the 90’s sitcom “Friends” went off the air, the entire population of the world seemed to miss Ross and Rachel and their pals. Then Netflix brought it back, and we all rejoiced that we could sit with them and gab at Central Perk once again.

But now that the show is leaving Netflix, it’s time to mourn anew. Chase Holfelder chose to express his sadness by changing the song “I’ll be there for You,” the theme song to “Friends” into a weepy ballad by writing the song in a minor chord. We feel you Chase; at least we have your song to help express our regret.