Single Mom Doesn’t Know If She Can Provide Christmas For Her Three Kids, But Help Arrives!

Nancy Potwine knows firsthand how it feels to get a helping hand in a time of need. In 2002, she was on the brink of death after suffering a brain aneurysm. ABC Action News, of Tampa Bay, shared her unbelievable story about surviving such a severe rupture. “Medically I beat the odds,” she told the news station in an interview over a decade later. “I should’ve been dead.”

After viewing the original news story, it didn’t take long for other Tampa Bay residents to come to her aid, similarly to the single homeless father who received money from complete strangers in order to help him get back on his feet. These caring strangers made sure Potwine and her family had a Merry Christmas that year. It’s a gesture she’ll never forget.

“If it wasn’t for the kindness literally of the city, I don’t know what I would’ve done,” she added. That’s why Potwine has made it her mission to help at least one family each year on Christmas.

Below she’s seen delivering toys and clothes to single disabled mom Sherry Forsyth and her three children. Without the unexpected help, this family wouldn’t have had much of a Christmas. Seeing their heartwarming reactions, it’s clear that the special surprise means the world to them.

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