Single Woman Says She Will Never Get Married. Then She Sees A Stranger’s Christmas Lights!

No one could have seen this coming in a million years. For five years, Chad Koosman has been looking for a wife to start a family with. For her entire life, Angie swore that she would never get married or have children. Then the two met. Chad has devoted his life to raising money for the Salvation Army. In 2008, Chad began putting on holiday light shows at his home to collect donations from visitors. He’s since donated over $400,000 to the SA. Little did he know those very same lights would bring him the love of his life. Chad had been single for five years, and all the guy wanted was a wife and family.

“I would joke around with my mom that all I want for Christmas is a girlfriend,” Chad told Human Kind. “I didn’t know where I was going to find my wife, and sure enough the Christmas lights did it.”

Angie had just moved to Willmar, Minnesota, and went with her parents to see Chad’s lights. “I always said I was never getting married and I was never having kids. I was going to be Miss Independent my entire life,” Angie says.

But the two quickly fell in love. Chad turned Angie’s skeptical heart into a believer. A year later, Chad proposed under the lights, and today they have a beautiful baby girl. This was not the life Angie expected, but it is a life she will never give up.

“I was trying to celebrate the light of Jesus Christ. Well, he blessed me with my light of the world,” he says. “I mean life can’t get any better than that.”

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