When She Sings THIS Hit By Janis Joplin, She Blows Everyone’s Minds! You’ll See When You Hear It Yourself

Janis Joplin is still considered to be the most amazing female rock vocalist of all time. She was taken from us when she was sway too young, but she left an amazing body of work behind, including a catalogue of songs that will keep us entertained forever.

Her songs have been covered so many times and they are usually great but it’s almost impossible to compare to the original in her case. The artist in the video that you are about to open up and see not only does Joplin justice she just might take it all to the next level that none of us thought was possible! This is none other than Pink and she is doing a cover of “Me and Bobby McGee.” Wait until you hear this rocker.

Pink is no slouch herself when it comes to celebrity pipes that can go for days and leave us all wanting more. She really nails this cover down as only she can and we think that even Janis was having a good time and smiling down as she heard it.

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