“Sister Act” nuns let loose with ‘My God’

The Sister Act nuns take it home with a classic rendition of a Mary Wells song that got everyone singing along.

In 1992, Sister Act brought fun along with faith to the big screen. Starring Whoopie Goldberg, the movie’s best song must be this twist on a Mary Wells’ song, “My God”.

Singing to a packed church, the scene begins with the famously funny “Hail Mary, what’s up?” with the sisters soon breaking into song, swinging their shoulders and clearly having a good time.

With each sister singing a solo, we are treated to a selection of accents and vocal talents – some more talented than others – but it’s all in good, wholesome fun.

Hearing hilarious actress Kathy Najimy sing “As a matter of opinion I think he’s tops” referring to God is one of the best moments in the song.

The very best moment, though, is when one of the nuns turns the wrong way when dancing. It’s so funny to see the other sisters struggle to contain their laughter.

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“Sister Act” nuns let loose with ‘My God’