A sister films the sweetest song you could write to your little brother. Beyond cute.

Are you an only child or do you have siblings? Which one do you prefer? This has been a debate throughout time. While there are people who believe children grow up to be more understanding when they have siblings, others believe that it’s better when you grow up alone because you tend to have more independence.

Single-child-family advocates believe that what this world needs, is more people who are not reliant on others to feel happy or accomplished. People who grow up alone learn to solve their issues by themselves. They normally make very good class presidents and are involved in many social aspects of their school and work. Is this because they have their parent’s full attention? It might be true.

But this doesn’t mean that only people who grew up without any siblings are the only ones who can show true leadership. Leadership can also be learned. That’s why there are so many people giving leadership seminars. And if they teach it, it’s because there are people out there who need it. How much of an edge do people without any siblings have over people who grew up with siblings? This is debatable.

People who grew up with siblings say they would not have had it any other way. Growing up with many siblings gives you the chance of experiencing different personalities and ways to solve problems. I was the youngest of three brothers. We had a very good relationship growing up. Many of my friends had the occasional scuffle with their sibling, but they got along okay I guess.

Growing up, my brothers and I did everything together. We were involved in after-school activities and did a lot of camping together. There were many times that I suffered from bullying, and it was my brothers who always got my back. It was a very good feeling, I felt protected, I felt what family was all about, and it was one of the values that I grew up treasuring more.

Protecting your younger siblings is one of the unwritten rules of older brothers and sisters. They look up to you, it doesn’t matter if you have noticed or not. There might be times when you both disagree, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t secretly want to be like you. The next video shows you just how deep a sister’s love for his younger brother with Down’s syndrome can be. Just look at the way they both look at each other’s eyes when she’s singing. A joy to watch!