Big Sister Brings Home a Kitten to Comfort Her Little Sister After a Bad Day At School

Big sister gets little sister a catWhen you are down and out and lonely; in grade 1 and have no friends, life can suddenly become a very cold place. But sometimes, the ones closest to you, like a loving older sister, can take the pain away. 

Don’t we all know how tough first grade at school can be? Especially if you are placed in a class where you do not know any of the kids. It is even so much worse if you mount the courage to go to every single kid in the class and ask if they will be your friend and every single one say “No”.

This is the actual true story of a girl called Reignbow. Now, who will refuse the hand of friendship of a beautiful little girl called Reignbow? Well, other kids, according to her father, find her “weird”, as she is highly intelligent and they do not know how to relate to her.

Hearing of her little sister’s bad day at school and inconsolable state, Reignbow’s elder sister, Jade, a model and tattoo apprentice, decided to intervene and not only brighten her little sister’s day up, but also bring a new friend into her life. What could possibly be more beautiful?

The initial meeting arranged by Jade was a super success. Reignbow’s new friend, Moon (no, this is true) really had her literally jumping over the moon with joy. The meeting with her new friend and her reaction can best be described by….., seeing it for yourself. Everyone loves a true story, with a happy ending!

The joy animals bring to our lives is priceless and words can’t even express. Reignbow and Moon are perfect examples of that. Before you go, give your heartstrings one more tug and watch what happens when this lovely lady gets her own kitty for Christmas. Her reaction will bring tears to your eyes…

Big Sister Brings Home a Kitten to Comfort Her Little Sister After a Bad Day At School