They Sit Their Baby Next To Their Pit Bull. Keep Your Eye On The Dog At :25…

There is a common misconception that pit bulls are a vicious breed. In reality these dogs do exactly what they trained to do. If you train them to be violent and vicious and they will be, if you train them to love your family than that is what they’ll do.

In 2013 a huge house fire broke out on Long Island. Jackie was drying her hair upstairs when she heard her daughter’s pit bull barking. This is very unusual, the dog never barked, so Jackie raced downstairs to find flames coming from the other side of the garage.

The dog bark was just in the nick of time. Jackie was able to escape a house and stay clear of the fire, but had the dog not barked the flames would have engulfed any exit that Jackie might have escaped through. Had it not been for this incredible dog this woman would likely have burned alive.

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