She Sits Down In The Grass To Enjoy Nature, Then A BULL Trots Up To Her… And Does THIS??

Life can be hectic. Especially if you live in a city, where everyone is just “Go. Go. Go” all the time. It can just be an emotionally draining day in and day out. It’s good to get away to a place like the Hof Butanlad Sanctuary. There are no tall buildings here. This is good. Just sitting in the grass, breathing in the clean air. It’s all so calming. Watching the animals go by relaxes you. You never know who you’ll meet, though.

The video shows a woman sitting on the grass with a bull resting right next to her. Maybe the bull got hit in the head or something because he seems to think he’s a dog. He rests his massive head, which probably weighs as much as a Rottweiler, on her lap and licks her hand for attention. I haven’t seen a bull this affectionate in, ever. Then again, the only other bulls I’ve seen have either been in bullfighting videos, Pamplona’s Running of The Bulls or rodeos, where their goal is to pretty much obliterate anyone in front of them.

Bulls, like Pit Bulls, get a bad rap. They are portrayed as vicious creatures whose sole purpose in life is to gore any human who gets in their way. Obviously, this bull didn’t get the memo. He’s as sweet as can be. He clearly craves interaction and the girl is more than happy to provide him with some pats on the head. This is certainly not a candidate for Pamplona.

This is NOT to say that everyone should immediately run out to the nearest farm and plop themselves in front of a bull. No. You’ll get new breathing holes that way. Research the areas and find out about the behaviors of the animals first. Then go. But don’t say I didn’t warn you about preparing yourself first. That’s no bull.

This video was u-bull-eivable. OK, sorry. That’s the last pun. Did you like it? Leave a comment below!

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