Six Men Got Onstage To Sing This Christmas Classic

Kenny Rogers is an incredible country artist whose fans are still loyal to him after all these years. We have seen many people lose their talent over time, but The Gambler never really went out of style. He has often been considered as one of the major icons of country music and he has inspired a lot of performers as well with his many talents and catchy lyrics. I have been a big a fan ever since I first heard his songs many years ago when my dad would play country music every morning while we ate breakfast before school.

In this video, Rogers teams up with an incredible acapella band called Home Free in celebration of the release of his new album “Once Again It’s Christmas.” Kenny Rogers has actually made a few Christmas albums over the years and each one has been a big hit. He invites guest artists to perform with him on his albums, adding to the festive Christmas tone of all his albums, and this one is no exception. Their amazing rendition of the beautiful Christmas song “Children, Go Where I Send Thee” will no doubt put a huge smile on your face.

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