Six sisters sing happy birthday to dad – but watch what happens when he blows out the candles

Birthdays are particularly special, even when you’re a grown-up. Most of us still really enjoy receiving presents, eating birthday cake, enjoy a party and being with family – although it does mean marking another year older! In a way, celebrating a birthday the old-fashioned way, kind of takes us back to our childhood days. And who doesn’t want to go back to those golden years? I like to do the whole cake, birthdays hats, confetti and all the works. If

I am missing one of them, it’s like not doing it at all for me. So, when six, beautiful daughters and a loving wife behind the camera decide to gather together to celebrate dad’s birthday with the classic birthday cake and candles combo – what could possibly go wrong?!

Either you love, or you hate the happy birthday song, known the world over and often sung to your great embarrassment by family and friends on your special day, but are you aware of its origins? Interestingly, the now famous words were not actually recorded until around 30 years after the tune was originally written. According to legend, Kentucky sisters Patty and Mildred Hill claim to have written the ditty in 1893 as a greeting in the morning. “Good morning to you” did not become “happy birthday to you” until some years later.

It was composer Robert H. Coleman who was to be credited with including the “happy birthday to you” lyrics in one of his songbooks, and thus it evolved into the tune we know and (sometimes) love today. According to the Guinness book of records – it is the most recognisable song in the English language, as well as being sung in hundreds of countries around the world.

These six, delightful siblings are wide-eyed as they inquisitively learn the song, as well as the ritual of blowing out birthday candles and making a wish. Little did mom and dad know that one daughter, in particular, would have a priceless reaction – all because dad had gently blown out those beautiful, mesmerising candles! Watch the video for yourselves, wait until the big moment comes, and keep your eyes on the girl immediately to the right of dad! And she very nearly had everyone else joining in!

We hope that she doesn’t always have such a strong response every time she attends a birthday party. This is one hilarious family video she won’t be allowed to forget in a hurry!