Six-Week-Old Twin Boy Is THIS Close To Major Fit. His Sister Then Did The Most Amazing Thing.

This is a recurring scenario for all parents of newborn children: You’ve JUST put them back in the crib after rocking them for what feels like roughly three hours. Well, when you’re operating on as little rest as you are, 30 minutes can feel like three hours. You tip-toe out and slide into your bed. Then it happens… your baby monitor, whose noise level reads green – which means silence… turns orange and then red. The speaker blares “Wha? WAHHHHHHHH!” Sigh.

It seemed like the mommy who recorded this might be facing that situation… and she had six-week-old twins. One of the twins is crying. He is NOT happy. His sister is fast asleep next to him and mommy might be dealing with not one but two crying babies in a few moments. Then a miracle occurs. The sleeping sister has her hand on her brother’s chest. Her thumb makes its way into his mouth. Whoa… instant pacifier.

While I don’t know if the sister did this consciously or not, it seemed to do the trick to calm down the little guy. It’s entirely possible that this bought mommy and daddy another hour or two of slumber or if the sister suddenly wakes up and realizes her thumb is in her brother’s mouth and starts crying herself. Chances are good that it’s the second one, not the first. Things like this rarely work out for long. There’s probably a reason why this is only 30 seconds.

Still, it makes for quite a cute moment. The twins have started bonding at a very young age and that will probably carry for the rest of their lives. When they are much older, their mommy can show them this video and they will probably laugh and poke fun at each other. At that point, they will probably be able to finish each other’s sentences. This is just the beginning of their many memories together.

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