This Six Year Old Has A Life-Threating Condition. But When You See Her Dance? Heart-Melting!

Audrey Nethery is a six-year-old who suffers from a condition called Diamond Blackfan Anemia. It is a life-threatening bone disease that causes fatigue, weakness, and many other symptoms that can affect her daily life. But Audrey is a strong willed little girl who doesn’t let anything stop her from having fun and pursuing her passion of dancing. And while doing so, she has been spreading awareness about Diamond Blackfan Anemia and providing a lot of inspiration to other people as well. She’s proof that nothing is impossible!

In this clip, this amazing little girl is dancing alongside the Rockettes on The Rachel Ray Show. The Rockettes were putting on their annual Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and they treated this special little dancer to the surprise of a lifetime! Wait till you see this!

Audrey is already famous on the internet for her dancing. Her favorite artist is Taylor Swift, and Audrey sure is a cutie as she dances to Taylor’s songs and even sings along. This video is yet another one that she can add to her great collection. They just don’t get any cuter, or any more determined, than this spunky little girl.

The Rockettes seem to enjoy having Audrey perform with them even more than Audrey enjoys being up there with them. It’s heartwarming to see them invite this little girl to join them in their annual Christmas performance.

Watch this sweet little girl in the clip below! Be sure to share your thoughts about it in the comments section! We would love to hear from you, and so would Audrey.

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