Six-Year-Old Ukrainian Orphan is Gifted with Loving Parents. When You See the Look on this Beautiful Girls Face…

Some things you must experience to understand. Others, you are just born with the understanding. Some things can’t be changed easily or are hardwired to your D.N.A. You can only adapt to it, try your best to do so, and roll with the many surprise punches that life will throw at you. Sure, you’ll have a few more bruises along the way, but hey, you earned those. No one has the same bruises, so be proud you’re alive and got to continue doing so while you could. Regrets will only result in time wasted.

Danica is one girl who has learned to roll with the punches and make the best of her time. Man, does she ever do it gracefully. Danica’s beauty can be hard to see if you walked past her in the street. Her beauty is hidden from any who don’t interact with her. Her beauty is on the inside, the only place it matters. Unfortunately, Danica was born with Treacher-Collins syndrome. For those who aren’t genius’s or doctors (much like me, being neither)

Treacher-Collins Syndrome is at the most basic, a disease that affects the development of bones and/or some tissues that are in the face. The bones affected can vary greatly depending on the severity of the diseases influence over the genes, as well as per each individual case. Some of the areas that display the symptoms of underdevelopment of facial bones are evident from the cheek bones as well as a micrognathia, or a small jaw/ chin. Other signs or characteristics include a cleft palate or hole in the roof of the mouth. The eyes have a plethora of abnormalities, most often a downward slant. As well, the ears too are affected, usually being notably small. Hearing loss or possible deafness is also prevalent throughout most affected by this syndrome.

The lucky girl was adopted by the Wetmore’s, a loving family from Tyler, Texas. The unlikely adoption was influenced by Juliana, the partner’s biological daughter. Juliana, as well, is affected by Treacher-Collins. The odds are staggering. So, staggering that reportedly ONE in FIFTY-THOUSAND are born with this destructive syndrome. Danica is reported by the family to be just a gem. She is kind, gentle and never treats anyone differently. She’s not judgmental like some folks can be.

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