Sixties Home Reignites Unique Passion! When You See THIS, You’ll Feel A Wave Of Nostalgia!

The 60’s held many important events that paved the way for many rights we have this day. It was full of raw passion and devastating events. Bottom of the barrel lows hit the nation after Kennedy was assassinated. The loss of strong, well-spoken, and charismatically powerful people, the day
Martin Luther King was assassinated. The civil and social rights that were lost and gained. The level of awareness seemed to jump dramatically, as we looked to aid countries suffering, starving, war-torn children.

Today, for Desiree Meyers and Julien Goldklang, they try to look on the brighter side and revel in the 60’s fondly. Their fashion, their style, their car- all catered to their nostalgic look back at the 1970’s. Their tribute shows itself proudly in their 1250 sq. ft. circular house. The houses designer Leon Meyer has built a massive amount of home. However, he limits the amount of circular homes he makes, making them that much more iconic and special. The coup de grace? This beauty of a roof that screams to their neat, yet trendy style.

They found themselves studying and researching what articles might help make the inside of the home pop a bit more, while maintaining the dazzling 60’s style. They have been dedicated in their search for their take on how the 60’s did their suburban family. Breathtakingly beautiful. When you see their most prized possession, you’ll have a real scream over this valuably rare piece of memorabilia.

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